An escape.


I’ve never been called beautiful before.
And coming from your lips makes it harder
to think about anyone else.
Am I something more to you?
Or just a passing glance?
Why would you say something like that
and never speak to me again?
Boy, you confuse me.
Please just tell me
whether I actually have a chance.

— 1 year ago
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When I lie down to sleep tonight,
I’ll pick out the stars that you could be looking at.
I’ll imagine the moonlight illuminating your smile.
When I close my eyes before the next day begins,
I’ll dream of your eyes and their secrets.
I’ll fall asleep to the sound of your laughter.
When I awake to the breaking of dawn,
I’ll think of you.
I’ll always think of you.

— 1 year ago with 2 notes
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What changed?

There’s no point asking you, since you’ll just lie and say nothing has changed. But when did things become so distant between us? What happened to the old alliance we used to share? You walk into a room now and I’m the last person you look at. It makes me feel small. So, so small. Do you think about me when I’m not there? Do songs remind you of me? I’m not trying to be selfish, I just want things to go back to the way they were. Back to the time when I was the one you’d call.

— 1 year ago
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I don’t know what it is about night time that stresses me out so much. There’s nothing I love more than sleeping in, but going to bed seems like a chore. Maybe it’s the fact that you’re not there to hold me any more. And the only thing left is your lingering scent on the pillow. Not even my tears have washed that away.

Half of the bed is empty, and I am not bold enough to fill it. It is gaping, sticking out as a reminder. I hate crawling in on my own. I hate not having a hand to hold. I miss you.

— 1 year ago with 2 notes
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At first sight.

She treads carefully through the halls, counting the tiles with each tiptoe. One, two, three, four -

A laugh. The sound is like warm sunshine pouring over her skin. She freezes.

Each movement, breath, and emotion slows down as she looks up. Not even in her most deepest dreams had she thought she would see him again.

His eyes ignite the memories - eating ice cream on the hood of his car just before sunset; driving down the highway with her hair whipping fiercely behind her, the only destination being where the road stops; being taught how to drive, with only his hand for guidance - and then he blinks. Does he see her? Does he remember?

Rooted to the spot, she watches him exchange a glance behind him to the blank spot of wall not even covered by school posters. Her feet move without her assent. One, two, three, four -

He walks by without a smile, or even a glance.

— 1 year ago
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It’s funny
how much you don’t know.
You walk through the door
and I’m always there.
Only you never see.

It’s hard
to be that person.
Your eyes are looking
but it’s not me.
It never will be.

I notice
the little things.
The jumping muscle
in your jaw, I see it.
I’ll never stop seeing.

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Christmas is, by far, my favourite time of the year. I’m not into it because of the presents, although that is an exciting aspect. I love it because for one day of the year, practically the whole world stops what its doing and acknowledges the day as something special. Billions of people are celebrating with their families, some even forcing themselves to act civil for the sake of that one special day. It means so much to me, because my family celebrate together, and there’s nothing I love more than my family.

— 1 year ago
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Close your eyes and
listen to me.
There’s still a piece
missing from you.
A paper cut out with
no heart.
A blank canvas of
Small changes that
erode the self.
Open your eyes and

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The guy I like sat in front of me in lecture today. You know how you try to pretend you haven’t noticed, but your body betrays you? I’m constantly in fear that the tiniest movements of my head or eyes will give me away, so I stiffen instead. Isn’t it weird how one person can create such a reaction? He probably sat there oblivious to way my eyes took in everything from his height to his attractive hands. That’s another thing. Everything they do becomes attractive. Forget about the lecture, my attention was elsewhere.

— 1 year ago with 1 note
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She cries as if the world is ending, collapsing around her. Her tears are the sky and it’s falling, falling. Everyone knows. She stands, nose scrunched, mouth open, eyes flooding. There is no break, there is only the end.

He cries as if the world is watching. A single tear escapes, like the single glance of a passerby. It cannot be ignored, but the intention is for it to be forgotten. He ducks his head with a flick of his hair and the tears are gone.

— 1 year ago with 2 notes
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